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"Julius Malema is using the youth of SA for his own Benefit" - Nolwazi Nkomo

Julius Malema is using the youth of South Africa for his benefit. I feel sorry for the EFF young ones, they will end on the streets. There is no Vision to empower, equip them, but for them to fight for the growth of his Business.

Someone said on Twitter that, But that is what Julius said when he started EFF. It's for him to have his lifestyle. If the ANC diet stop his Limpopo tenders, he said he wouldn't have started a party. 

There is no political party that has the best interest of SAns. Especially the top 4, they are all power hungry, Good for you, you're not voting for him, right. 

So don't worry yourself worry about who you're voting for because so far the winners have hung RSA. 

Young people are on the streets as we speak mos. Try being a stripper, maybe there you will be recognized, leave politics to politicians and focus on finding justice in courts. Where are you going to end up went, or you already figured it up since you can tell that they will end up in the streets? You are gifted. 

Someone said on Twitter that, Except this is tre for ANC, DA, Action SA and the EFF u mentioned.

Leaders of these parties are more concerned about controlling the budget of gov(national, provincial and local municipalities).

That's business. Service delivery is a small inconvenience they pay to keep votes. 

Remember the young lions of this country most of them don't know apartheid, they can't be deceived about ANC hijacked history. They need to be assured of the present which most are jobless and demoralized and their future that land and resources of this country will be retained. I think he is ok being an opposition. Imagine if he were to be a president of the country. We would be dictated using the army.

Do you know how many young people are helped by EFF in the high learning institutions, or you just feel like you want to play to the gallery? Especially because they are now working in their majority in corporate world and the state is funding their small businesses. 

How is it going to be EFF youth? As far as I know, SAn youth is on the street now. 


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