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PA leader Will get power on coalition deal with the anc

The PA leader gayton McKenzie is happy about joining forces with the african national congress, many political parties were surprised but for the PA they know why they have entered coalition's with the african national congress.

The everyday smile on the leader of the PA after conclusion of the coalition deal with the african national congress says alot about what is about to come.

The leader of the PA made it clear that they are not after principles they are after power because it only power that can change the lives of the poor south Africans.

For gayton Mackenzie this is the right time to be able to turn the tables in the local municipalities, the biggest issue in local municipalities is that the lives of the people must be protected and also the lives of the people must improve, it is clear for gayton Mackenzie that there's no time to waste on hating each other, they believe that this is the time to prepare the country for success.

Although gayton Mackenzie was attacked by other political parties such as the democratic alliance saying that he is after power and positions this Is clear that the PA will not serve the majority of the people.

Gayton Mackenzie made it clear that this was a difficult journey for him to fight for the people and to show That certain changes can be done.


Gayton Mackenzie had to close temporarily close some of his businesses in order to push the vision of the PA party and this one of the biggest breakthrough for the Party as they managed to be party of the deals, this means that they managed to get votes from south Africans who believes in the PA, the PA leader says that it is the grace of God to see people for someone who comes from jail.

With the believe That gayton Mackenzie had in himself the dreams have escalated to something bigger than he was expecting, the coalition deal between the PA and the African national congress is recorded as one of the biggest deal in history in south Africa.

According to the moves that the PA makes, they give the economic freedom fighters leader Julius malema a hard time, this Is a hard time That can make the economic freedom fighters leader to end up forming coalition's That will never have a way forward for the economic freedom fighters.

The mission of the economic freedom fighters to kill the African national congress seems to not be working because other parties are starting to have solid talks with the african national congress on better deals That can be able to focus on the people of south Africa first.


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