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Madiba is us, and we are Madiba!

"There is a deliberate effort by #WMC, and neo-liberal imperialist forces, to re-write history, and to separate #Madiba from the collective of the #ANC and the masses of our people. 

This phenomenon Vladimir Lenin desctribed very well: “History shows us that after the death of any revolutionary leader who has won popularity with the masses, his enemies will appropriate his name and use it to hoodwink the oppressed classes”. 

This we must resist with every fibre in our revolutionary bodies. Madiba is us, and we are Madiba!"

Sorry majority of blacks won't ever wish to be like him not even a high school child wishes to be like him.

Unless that's a oppressors children's then they can wish to be like him.

Today South Africans are suffering as such course of him and this fake image of making him as if he fought this so called "freedom".

Manipulates are always in leader they knew better before course they first stole from our four-fathers then they amandate this legislation so that what belonged to us without return back course it was now call crime and stealing off which it was against the law...

Laws that favored the oppressors who stole from our four-fathers in the first place.

EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said former president Nelson Mandela was no longer a 'useful' figure when it came to confronting social inequality in SA.

EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has been criticised after his comments on former president Nelson Mandela's legacy.

On Saturday, while many around the nation and abroad commemorated the 102nd anniversary of Mandela's birth, Ndlozi questioned his legacy in a series of posts on Twitter.

July 18 marks Mandela Day, when many around the world dedicate 67 minutes of their day to initiatives which benefit those who are less fortunate. The day was officially declared by the UN in November 2009.

Questioning one of Mandela's quotes, Ndlozi asked what the former president meant by it.

“Mandela once said he fought against 'black domination' ... Can those with rigorous minds help me process this?” he asked. “Where in the world or history have people been dominated by 'blacks'?

Where has this blackness represented domination, superiority, and privilege? What did Mandela mean?” Ndlozi asked.

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