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Twitter takes on Julius Malema after what he said about city managers

The local elections are just around the corner and political parties are ensuring that they get their message across to those who will be voting, and at the same time encouraging those who have given up to also do the same and vote. If people are not happy with the current situation that they are living in, the only way they can have a say is by voting for the party that they think can do a better a job. The problem is when you think there is a better party that can better than what is happening now.

People are currently not happy with how the ANC has been doing especially when it comes to service delivery. People are struggling to get just the basic needs like water.

When it comes to the EFF, we know that the party is not for putting South Africa first. Their priority is to ensure that foreign national can come into the country which ever way they see fit.

The leader of the EFF Julius Malema is now saying that City managers should not attend fundraising events of political parties. As officials they have to be impartial.

"I don't think it's correct for City Managers to attend fundraising events of political parties. They are officials and have to be seen to be impartial"

But city managers are appointed by the political parties. It is inevitable for them to actually attend the fundraising events especially if it is for the party that put them in power. Some might feel like they are obligated to attend such events.

Politicians will always be politicians. During the elections times, you see them all over promising all sort of things, but right after the election, you never see them again until it is the time to vote again.

Even when people goes to vote, they no longer have that enthusiasm because they are always promised thing that never happens.

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