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Lindiwe Sisulu does not want to be linked nor associated with the Guptas

What the ANC have taught us since 1994 is that they believe in a feudal society in which ANC cadres are the nobility and everyone else is a serf, as such ANC do not like constitutionalism and the rule of law and they hate judges who interpret the law impartially, without recognizing the ANC aristocracy Lindiwe rubbishing of the constitution and insults directed at judges should be seen in this light. Lindiwe is a useful barometer the day she and her ilk stop rubbishing the constitution and insulting judges we should be very worried, the foul mouth her is an unmistakeable indication that the constitution works as intended and we have men and women of integrity in the judiciaryShe is so busy bad mouthing judges calling her leader a liar and dissing the Constitution, she has no time to do her job in fact, what has she done for tourism what has she done for any Dept she has been Minister of aside from acquiring new furnitures for her various offices, and making sure she looks good and has her nails done

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