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Zim ready for change, watch thousands of MDC supporters dancing to NGAPINDE MUKOMANA song: Opinion

It really shows that Zimbabweans are tired of being manipulated by the ruling party, ZANU-PF. As you can see that they are now showing their unwavering support for MDC and we know ZANU-PF is a party that is made up of comrades, old people that don't know what is it that is good for civilization, people who only understand the language of war. Everything that they do they want to shed the blood, but thanks to SADC that is putting an eye on the southern African countries.

Thanks to other leaders of for Southern African Development Community that are making sure that they will be no foul play with in Zim politics this time.

We know everytime ZANU-PF feels like they have a strong opposition, they resort for killing, but God has sustained and protected President Nelson Chamisa against the brutality of ZANU-PF up to now.

We have seen what they did to the late president of MDC, Morgan Tsvangirai. So we just thank God that President Nelson Chamisa is having prayers of the citizens backing him.

Weather we like it or not, it is time for change throughout Southern Africa. There is a revolution coming, it started in Zambia, Zimbabwe is next and South Africa will follow.

We are determined to get rid of corrupt leaders, so that Africa can be Africa. Africa can be restored back to dignity. Already if you look at Rwanda, remarkable or tremendous change that has happened, it is because the parliament of president Paul Kagame, it is mixed with young people. Actually there are a lot of young people within his parliament, and it is as good as they have a young president, because those are the powerhouse of his presidential office leadership, they are the brains.

If ANC and ZANU-PF have employed this strategy to accommodate the young people in their politics, I think we wouldn't be having so many problems that we are having, because young people will have a voice that can be heard in the Parliament.

The more ZANUPF attacks Nelson Chamisa, the more citizens will converge around him!

Even those who didn’t intend to vote will now vote in the national interest of removing a corrupt political party from continuing to destroy Zimbabwe.

Registering is now a patriotic duty for every sane Zimbabwean!

This is no longer about Nelson Chamisa an individual, this is now about an idea whose time has arrived!

They can register a million parties, nothing will change the fact that Zimbabweans now want change!

#RegisterToVOTE2023 #ZimbabweanVotesMatter

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