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Will South Africa vote ANC off. Which party can lead the country?

Apartheid ended in South Africa approximately 30 years ago. The African National Congress (ANC) made numerous promises to black people, but black people continue to suffer. The country is crumbling, and the ANC's only contribution is to further destabilize it. South Africans were promised land, and people were promised homes with running water and electricity, yet there are still large parts of the country without these amenities. Many people are still homeless and villages are still dependent on rivers or boreholes for water. People were promised better jobs and an education that would benefit them, but now that black students are graduating, there are no job opportunities for them.

People are living in poverty which raises the crime rate in communities and leading to imprisonment of young people and pregnancy amongst young girls. Covid 19 affected the country so badly and having lockdown did not help as this increased the unemployment rate. It is shocking that president Ramaphosa took the country to level 1 for voting but could not do the same for businesses to pick up the loss they experienced during Covid first wave.

Zuma got locked up wrongfully. His rights as a citizen were violated and he did not even receive a fair trial. People looted malls and there was disruption everywhere and all Ramaphosa did was to deploy soldiers who burnt food that people are struggling to buy because they cannot get employment. Ramaphosa loaned 500 billion rands and the money was not used rightfully, now tax payers must pay back that money. After almost 30 years, the land is still divided, there is still racial division and black people are still oppressed in South Africa. The country is falling and the economy is going down with it. Do you think ANC will be voted off and which political party do you think deserves a chance to rule?

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