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Mayor attends official opening of a borehole project worth 6 million and leaves many in disbelief.

I would say Inflation is a transfer of wealth without either the knowledge or permission of those it’s being transferred from. That qualifies as stealing in my book. It’s become a surrogate for direct taxation, a means for politicians to spend money on programs without presenting voters with the bill and allowing them to make an informed cost benefit judgment. Commissioning a central bank to do it on their behalf only makes it worse by facilitating a blame shifting game in which politicians avoid taking responsibility. 

Instead people pay for politicians’ programs every time they buy groceries, pump gas, pay their utility bills, or for their education or medical expenses. It’s the worst possible form of tax because few voters even realize they’re paying it and can’t vote on it either way.

In a nutshell this is how many felt recently after the Mayor of King Cetshwayo District, Thami Ntuli attended the official opening of a borehole in Nkandla. Apparently the R6 million project will assist 40 households in the area with water.👇🏿

A lot of people responded to the post with disapproval of the exorbitant amount of money that was mentioned to have been spent on the project. 

One guy even went to say, "6 million? Wait, borehole costs about maximum 60k for a whole. The deeper you go minimum 5k extra to go deep. So this alone it’s less than 200k . Pipes won’t costs 1 million nomatter the distance because the longer the distance water will come out slow so pipes that are ran will be short."

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