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"It Dawned on Me That I Was In Mortuary When Attendant Said I Wasn't Dead" Lady Narrates

Kenyans hold general elections every five years. When the results are disputed, it might lead to anarchy. This might start even before the nominees are announced. It's safe to say that many people will never forget the post-election violence of 2008. Thousands of people were displaced, and many more died, including those who were close to them.

As one of the people who will never forget, Joyce Chepkemoi is one of the unfortunate ones.

She has suffered a great deal as a result of her ordeal.

According to Joyce, at Kuresoi North in Molo, 12 armed men stormed their residence, ordered them to remove their clothes, and then began assaulting them.

This was taken at the height of the post-election violence in early 2008.

She remembers being beaten and ending up in the mortuary, but that's all she remembers.

"Other than the noise outside, there wasn't much to hear.

When the attendant said, "kwani client ameamka tena,hakuwa amekufa?" (was the customer awake, or was she dead?) I realized I was in the Mortuary. I had a feeling I was in the Mortuary at this point "Chepkemoi is very honest, he admits.

In preparation for the next general election, the lady is a peace advocate.

She talks to pupils when she goes to educational establishments.

She'll always have the scars to remind her of what happened.

In the run-up to the election, the government has mapped out the tumultuous areas.

In the end, Kenyans' hearts should be at peace.

We must not allow elections to create rifts in our society.


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