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Latest Good News About The R350 SRD Grants

There is great news for SASSA's Social Relief of Distress beneficiaries who have been accepted by the system and may have been receiving funds from the government since the SRD grant application has been launched last year May by president Cyril Ramaphosa. It has been made public that a majority of the SRD grant recipients have been requesting for the R350 grants to be increased and extended.

Some of the SRD grant beneficiaries have had some troubling encounters when they had to access their monies, especially those who collect at their post offices as they have to battle for being the first in line for receiving their grant monies. It is alleged that there could be a R150 increase for the recipients. The SRD grant beneficiaries must also remember that from as far as to the end of the month of February 20201, SASSA will not be accepting any more appeals or claims from the beneficiaries.

Especially to those who feel aggrieved by the system since they might have been rejected in their applications. To everyone who has applied, SASSA will continue to assess and monitor each beneficiary as they have been doing from the beginning. SASSA has made a promise that every applicant who have applied for appeals will be payed of their monies should they qualify to fall under the criteria.

As far as things are concerned for the SRD payments for this month, there are some beneficiaries who are yet to receive their monies, the promise that was made to them is that they will receive their monies not later than the 15th of February 2021. Those who are unsure of their payment dates are advised to visit, and they can also check their application status on their WhatsApp by sending the word status to 082 046 8553.

(Source: Careers Portal, SASSA)

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