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Mzansi turned their back on Thabo Mbeki after he said this about the ANC

Thabo Mbeki, a former president, argues that the ANC is in jeopardy because it has failed to reestablish itself as a party and a large number of its leaders are still eager for stable positions. Before they fully reformed the government, a number of ANC pioneers served as interim heads of state after a period of politically sanctioned racial isolation. The Eskom and housing crises are well-known, but the ANC government has disregarded them.

The primary thing that has improved under ANC rule is ministerial and presidential pay. Poverty has also improved significantly. Why did he seek reelection in 2007? We are not a part of what he now recognizes. What amazing event! Indicated keen Mbeki. Because he knew what IMIGODOYI would like Zuma, Ice, and Lindiwe to do, he sought a third term. ANC without Mbeki will never return; in your estimation, ANC without Mbeki is doomed to fail regardless. However, South Africa and ANC will advance without Mbeki. Mbeki is no longer the leader of both the ANC and South Africa, thus I am perplexed by your question: How moderate was South Africa under Mbeki at the time? History and my own experience indicate that the vast majority of people living with HIV died from AIDS as a result of Mbeki's anti-HIV treatment stance until the court showed him the meaning of unloading his bogus science.

As soon as he realized that Jacob Zuma would be a disaster, he removed him from his dresser in 2005, after preventing ACE Magashule clones from becoming Premiers. Has all the earmarks of being enough on the basis of the chosen support, review then, at that time, as open we were not even mindful of ANC gatherings, our consent was the organization, movement, and destiny of South Africa under ANC. Some of us followed the ANC in the mid-1990s and engaged in the late-1990s and the mid-2000s.

We identified these dangers within and without the ANC; by 2002, at the Stellenbosch conference, we had the option to comprehend the need to shift gear or a catastrophe was imminent; by 2007, these dangers were mitigated around JZ, and the rest is history. When the ANC purposefully selected an ethically compromised Zuma (who was exonerated of an assault allegation on a detail), despite everything, the door to the ANC's destiny closed. The party is ethically bankrupt and saturated with prebendalism. Certainly, there is no excuse for those who ganged up against shrewd instinct and logic to bring him back when it was evident that he would hinder us. Undoubtedly, from that point forward, they have been managing the undeniable based on erroneous assumptions that will increase during the next five years.


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