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“President Jacob #Zuma is now bringing former Presidents Nelson #Mandela and Thabo #Mbeki into the Arms Deal Trial,” reports the Associated Press.

Zuma's lawyers have attempted to place Mandela, who was president when the arms deal negotiations began in 1997, and his deputy, Thabo Mbeki, at the center of the controversy. Mandela was president when the negotiations began in 1997. Zuma maintains that it was the #ANC, Mandela, and Mbeki who benefited, and not him personally, from the agreements.

A series of leaked letters from Zuma's lawyers, B.M #Thusini Inc., to the ANC, and the Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki Foundations, requesting financial records and other information connected to the Arms Deal between 1997 and 2000 have been made public.

According to the attorneys, this would demonstrate that Zuma did not gain from the multibillion-rand armaments sale.

Scrolla Africa is the source of this information.

#FreePresidentZuma #FreeZumaNow” is a trending hashtag on Twitter.

Zuma has been transferring responsibility for years, according to my perceptions.

He is excavating a grave for himself this time, and he will be buried as quickly as possible. How can you allow legal representation from people who give you negative advice all of the time? Always be aware that they have their own agenda in mind when they use his court cases.

Thabo Mbeki, a former president of South Africa My belief is that the president cannot decide to expose himself. I say this because the president was the one who fired Zuma, and he must have been aware that he was implicated.

I believe he would have preferred to collaborate with Zuma in order to put an end to this corruption once and for all. By firing Zuma, he has demonstrated that he is clean; therefore, let the process continue.

How can you demonstrate to me that you are not taking a side? You cannot be held responsible for that, nor can you be held responsible for taking a side against yourself alone. Let me tell you that new information always changes me, and I will always change when new information comes to hand.

Although no new material has been provided, if Zuma produces fresh information that implicates Mbeki and Mandela, I will change my position and endorse the truth or information that I consider to be true.

Zuma will finally appear in court and will be confronted with the reality of what I desire. Zuma and Mbeki are my fellow comrades, as well as my parents and mentors.

In any case, we've arrived and need to hear the truth. Mbeki must also travel to the region and tell nations that they must provide evidence; that's all we ask. You are incorrect in assuming that I despise Zuma; my comment is not about love or hatred, but rather about analyzing the knowledge I have. It's possible that you have more information than I do, and that you will need to analyze it and make your remarks based on it.

However, the courts will assist both of us in discovering the truth.


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