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OPINION| Hopewell Chin'ono Thinks Alena Douhan is Not From the United Nations

The hypocrite called Hopewell think that even if the UN envoy in Zimbabwe is not send by the UN, it will change the undeniable and irrefutable truth that sanctions has negative impact on ordinary citizens livelihoods. Sanctions has denied basic health care to ordinary citizens, denied clean water to citizens through crippling of entities like Zimphos that used to play a pivotal role in producing chemicals, used in water purification plants around Zimbabwe.

Our currency has been destroyed by those sanctions and our civil servants earn peanuts because someone is busy justifying nonsense for political leverage, we don't agree with Zanu pf but justifying sanctions that destroyed Zimbabweans is just as good as supporting terrorists destroying our nation. Only people who pretend to care about Zimbabweans will justify those illegal sanctions imposed against Zimbabwean people, with propaganda driven they have got no harm on citizens.

When Zimbabwe failed to produce water chemicals how many innocent Zimbabweans perished due to the outbreak, of cholera that was a result of inadequate water purifying chemicals. You get paid to justify such nonsense in the name of fighting Zanu pf.

Whoever justified imposition of illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe and claims to be Zimbabwean must be prosecuted and sentenced. We cannot allow stupidity to carry own with no consequences. Those who support sanctions on Zimbabwe must go and live in America, errorism must be condemned in Zimbabwe. Sanctions are act of terrorism and those who justify sanctions must be destroyed

A hypocrite has been exposed, so when he was calling for 30 000 signatories to sign a petition and hand over to the UN envoy, he did not know she was not sent by the UN? how I wish I had tagged Mr know it all Chinono. In Zimbabwe everyone is working for his or her own pocket

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