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ANC Members Sh0cked Mzansi After They Were Seen Doing This

Many people have been known to support the African National Congress members for doing relatively nothing in an effort to bring South Africans out of economic poverty, and seems like this time around we have judged the ANC members incorrectly as they were seen doing this for other ordinary citizens of the country.

The members were busy helping community members by pushing their firewood and a wheelbarrow, this is something that we have never seen before but it puts the members in a good light with the ordinary citizens of this country who think that they are doing such a fine job the way they are collecting firewood for ordinary citizens.

However, we all know that this is all just a a display by the members of the party because we know that they always do such things during the voting season, when they are looking for votes from ordinary citizens they tend to display some acts which are supposed to mislead the ordinary citizens and make them think that the ANC has changed and that they are going to bring better change if we vote them in power once again.

But we have seen it countless times that it never works and the ANC will never change, they always come back the same way and they do even less every year they remain in power.

Just yesterday we saw a viral video of an ordinary citizen who was fighting ANC members who had come to their township to lobby for some votes from the ordinary citizens, however things did not go well as two citizens approached the members and started destroying their chairs and desk.

This was an act to show that the citizens are tired of their empty promises, it has become very clear that the ANC has gone too far with their empty promises and blatant theft of public funds.

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