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It is the #voetsekANC again on Twitter, with more valid reasons this time.

We are approaching three decades of our constitutional democracy and ANC's rule. All their policies, RDP, GEAR, ASGISA, GNP, and NDP failed to address South Africa's socioeconomic imbalances. Their rule is characterized by corruption, patronage, and cadre deployment.

The #VoetsekANC trend is nothing new to South Africans, it has been a trending topic for two years now, this hashtag it’s one that South Africans voice out their grievances towards the ruling party and the government.

Former DA leader Mmusi Maimane said “The best part about the ANC's woeful governance is that the next Party to be roped in can't do worse than them.We can only go up once we've removed the scoundrels and their immigrants. Patriotic movements must get their houses in order because the time has arrived”

Maedza Mukovhe tweeted “The sooner we remove @MYANC in government the sooner we can start rebuilding our lovely country. ANC is a terrorist/mafia gang and they have nothing to offer SAns other than bloodshed, poverty and dictatorship”

“There is No Country in the World which Allows Asylum and Refugees to go toe to toe with locals in competing for jobs and business opportunities, Only in South Africa where Lawlessness is Perpetuated” Lufuno Nenngwekhulu on Twitter.

what are your thoughts fellas?

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