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Family attacked by its own pitbull

The president is tending to the ANC allies. I'm certain they are cheerful since they are being tended to however couple of weeks after the fact they would be crying. They would return to their sharks and carry on with their hopeless lives, they can sing now and dance before the president however they would return to their shacks 

"We are sufficiently straightforward to concede we commit errors" Cyril we living in another period man called online media, why dont you give the helpless some wifi and a telephone so they can see the k$k you getting on 

Disgrace helpless elderly folks individuals, actually misleading destitute individuals how would they be able to respond that they neglected to do in 27 years. All strategies and their pronouncement is from Luthuli house and it doesn't make any difference who the president is. The tones and infact nothing will at any point change, those tones and proclamation are not useful for dark destitute individuals, itt's demonstrated in 27 strong years.

Pitbull attack: Dog attacks its own family in KZN (

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