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Blood Shed Continues At Hillbrow As Zulu's Slays Zimbabweans''Leave Our Country"


The Blood Shed Continues at Hillbrow as the south Africans continue to kill the Zimbabweans.

Xenophobic attacked has truly came back because of what is happening in Hillbrow,part of Johannesburg.The zulus caused an unending war with the Zimbabweans as the want them to leave the country.

The Zimbabweans refuse to leave the country because in their country the is poverty and it is very difficult for them to survive.thats the reason why they came to south African,in order to do something with their lives.The reason what there is so much killing in Hillbrow is because they refuse to leave the place and they have made up their minds even to die in Hillbrow,tha to die in Zimbabwe with hunger.

Thia is truly painful,this matter needs the government intervention as more people continues to lose their live because if this.te main reason why they are being killed is beacuse they are being accused of taking Jobs and opportunities for south africans.

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Blood Shed Hillbrow Johannesburg.The Xenophobic Zulu


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