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OPINION| If the Minister of Defence Can be Held Hostage, What Hope is There for the Rest of us ?

As far as I know South Africa has never ever had a war or any group waging a war, we got democracy through dialogue. After student went on rampage and declare a state of emergency, there were no trained soldiers in our country until democracy, thus when we learn of the bush army that was on training for ever, no action. Those so called war veterans are to young to be veterans The people we are made to revere ask us to celebrate their successful defense force of 80 years, when in fact they have only been in office for 27 years! At the same time, they tell you they have overthrown an illegitimate government which used an army that maintained an oppressive system in 1994. Mathematical logic should tell you that this Defense Force was not yours and did not serve you in the last 53 years! But this claiming of achievements that are not as a result of our liberation simply tells us we have very little or no to celebrate under this democracy

We did not get involved in the struggle to inherit the apartheid human slaughtering machinery. We fought to destroy anything that dehumanised us. We cannot celebrate our enslavement. If we take your argument to it's logical conclusion, why don't we simply celebrate the entire apartheid system we have inherited ? SANDF is not 80 years old but if you believe it is then we must also add the Nation Party's brutal 48 years history to our rainbow nation. 

That is what creates that confusion, if we were to start from 1994, assuming there is indeed something to celebrate, it would be easier to understand and evaluate our history

The ANC must put an end to this unruly action immediately, they are trying to make the country ungoverable and no law abiding citizens should back this

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