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'Black South Africans please don't allow anyone to blame you for your racial identity' - OPINION

I am not a prisoner of my racial identity. Some people may seem to think I have an obligation to conform and think according to a racial ideology, an ideology which holds one beholden to some unelected watchmen. I won't uncritically support allign myself with anything just because the person doing it happens to be black and is supposedly doing me a favour. Nobody acts on my behalf without my informed consentEvery human being has multiple identities. I may have a black identity, but I also have other identities which might render our common black identity subordinate or even irrelevant. I have religious, territorial, languistic, professional, marital, ideological, political and experiential identities. They determine my ideas about life, people, races, regions, health, politics, economics and so on. These identities could be the deciding factor about blacks/whites who hold a certain racial ideology as a primary source of decision making. So, don't assume I owe anybody my automatic allegiance just because they're black. I'm not like that, I'm no prisoner of my race, past or some political party

If you hold your racial identity sacrosanct and it determines your worldview, that's your choice, It's not mine

I'm going to exercise my right to question black men about how they manage state affairs, including the policy and process they followed when they embarked on a name change. If you accuse me of pandering to white views, that's water off a duck's back. My skin colour doesn't think for me. And emotional blackmail is not going to faze me

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