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Lesotho Zama-zama Flaunt a Huge Cash He Made from Illegally Mining in South Africa (Video)

The issue of illegal mining is such a huge concern to many citizens of South Africa. The illegal activities of these hoodlums has continued to raise so much fear within mining communities in the country.

Just two weeks ago, about eight young South African ladies who went to shoot a music video in Krugersdorp were gang raped by these ruthless criminals mining Illegally in the community. The incident stirred up so much tension as South Africans flooded the streets of Kagiso in search of Zama-zamas for reprisal attack.

Report also reaching our news desk suggest that many Zama-zamas have returned to the community in their thousands.

In a video circulating on different social media platforms, an Illegal miner who covered himself with a blanket could be heard bragging of how much he already made doing this illegal mining business.

The video show moment he was flaunting thousand of Rands while praising himself as a big boy. He further said that he would be back next week with bigger cash and there's nothing anybody can do about it.

This is a wake up call to the government. These criminals are gradually taking over our mines and if something is not done about this issue, we might be overwhelmed by these hoodlums one day.


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