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Opinion - South Africa and DA is a JOKE including The ANC Government

Ramaphosa and his clique are busy killing economy. Millions are struggling to get their life back and looking for jobs. Those who are still working have a lot of responsibility . But this government is overlooking all these factors. Welcome to THUMA MINA or the New Dawn Republic.

So now the DA Mayor is telling black people to pay the Eskom in order for them to continue using electricity, This lady she is beautiful black skinny and with look of love on here face.

But what comes out of her mouth is very evil and full of selfishness, because firstly we have the unemployed people who don't even have a source of income, our government is only providing R350, for unemployed people.

Just imagine now paying R6000 fine with R350, are our people made in china ?

Meaning are we toy's to be played with, while there are people in the government who are busy looting millions. Why they don't pay those fins because they have money.

Now the black person had to suffer because of other black leader who can't think for us ?

Where is Ubuntu my fellow friends, family members and people around me, do we still care for each other or the plot is to destroy our kindness and generosity.

Are we still those people who use to take care of each other, so we still help each other when we run out of salt just like before ? Are we really helpful in our leadership positions, or we just think of destroying the needy?

This must end now, there is no South African who will pay R6000 especially if you received R350 from the government and anyone who ean below 10k.

Lastly if the DA Mayor has a problem with that she can comment here and I will be listening.

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