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All Zimbabweans Return Home And Register To Vote South Africa Is No Longer Safe " - Opinion

With regard to the upsetting events that took place last week, it looks like Zimbabweans are waking up from their long sleep as top Zimbabwean citizens are making moves to ensure that their fellow countrymen return home to register and vote out their corrupt government.

Two words to describe last week's action against illegal Zimbabweans and Zama Zamas are 'Wickedness and inhumane'. Why go as far as nakeding your fellow human after beating and injuring them. Then post it on online and brag about your actions. Even the slave traders treated Africans better than this.

Irrespective of what some of the illegal immigrants do, stereotyping is bad and some South Africans really crossed a hard line last week and this should be addressed so they know their action was far from right.

Before South Africa gained her independence and became the safe haven it it today, many other African countries fought wholeheartedly alongside the now resting South African hero, Nelson Mandela. He would be really disappointed even in death after what happened last week.

Meanwhile, here are the comments made by Zimbabweans and South African on Twitter as they call for all Zimbabweans to return home and vote in the come election has turned into an online sensation;

Concerned Zimbabweans

"South Africa is nolonger as safe hub for foreigners especially Zimbabweans .Infact it was never an economic hub for us. Members of the public bitting arrested illegal immigrants in the hands of the police. l have never seen this".

"I'm very sorry to say this, 'i hate South Africa!'I really don't understand my countryman isn't it better to fight for a better future in Zimbabwe than to pray for survival elsewhere? Why do we come home and really push each other to register to vote and participate in the pre, during and post election in Zim to win Zim 4 change".


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