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South Africans to target companies hiring foreigners

South Africans on twitter have expressed their disappoint in companies that hire foreigners especially undocumented foreigners instead of locals. A call on twitter is being made for them to visit every company in South Africa that is hiring foreigners instead of locals.

This all began when someone on twitter mentioned that South Africans always inquire from Zimbabweans if South African companies are hiring workers. This means that the Zimbabweans always have the upper hand when it comes to acquiring employment even though they do not posses the proper documentation. 

It has now escalated from just talking about it to them setting a date so that they can come together and protest against this injustice being done on South Africans. One South African said we need to start talking about dates so that they can deal with this betrayal by both traitor employers and traitor government departments. Another lamented that number of employed Zimbabweans far exceeds the number of employed South Africans which is not right. However some foreigners have accused South Africans as being lazy but South Africans claim that they are not but they unlike foreigners refused to be exploited and work for peanuts. 

Oe South African rated out Spar saying they is one of the companies employing foreigners, the tweep also mentioned that all their door security man are all Zimbabwean not South African. Some also mentioned that even the retails, salons and shops have been taken over by foreigners leaving South Africans with nothing leaving them at the mercy of foreigners.

South Africans say they are tired of leaving as second class citizens in their own country and they have decided to do something about it by visiting these foreigner hiring companies one by one. They are blaming the government for turning a blind eye to their predicament and turning a deaf ear to their cries and have resolved to fix it themselves.

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