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A South African man has vowed never to eat in a restaurant where a Zimbabwean is on the staff.

The animosity that the vast majority of South Africans feel toward Zimbabwean nationals has reached an entirely new level, and it is possible that it will not abate any time soon because an increasing number of South Africans are beginning to join the movement to have foreign nationals expelled from the country. 

Since quite some time ago, we have witnessed a rise in the number of South Africans who are demanding that their government deport foreign nationals who are living in the country illegally. This is due to the role that these individuals play in the rising rates of unemployment and insecurity that are occurring within the country. 

On the other hand, a South African man who goes by the Twitter handle Jerry Morodi has urged Zimbabwean nationals to return to their home country and stated that he is sick and tired of talking about the activities of Zimbabweans in the country. Jerry Morodi tweeted that he is tired and sick of discussing the activities of Zimbabweans in the country. He went on to say that he made the decision a year ago never to patronize any restaurant that employs Zimbabweans as waiters and waitresses because there are a good number of South Africans who are capable of working in that sector, but business owners have chosen to sideline them and hire foreign nationals to do the job instead. He made this decision because there are a good number of South Africans who are capable of working in that sector. 

According to a statement sent by Jerry on Twitter, which reads as follows:

"As for me, Thabo should have let the Zimbabweans go home. As for me, I have had enough of thinking about the situation in Zimbabwe. I made up my mind a long time ago that whenever I go to a restaurant, a Zimbabwean will never attend to my needs. We have a large population of South Africans who are qualified to work in the hospitality business. If it turns out that I have xenophobia, then be it”


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