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"This" is what King Mswati’s army did to our people.

Democracy has done nothing for South Africans. What’s going to be different in Swaziland. Our people in South Africa continue to suffer. Life was more realistic under the apartheid regime. The boring thing about what is happening in Swaziland. Is South African government will still accommodate that moegoe of the Royal family. My Prayers are with the Eswatini people. That evil man needs to be jailed and all assets he possesses should be confiscated. If you're wondering, the calls for democracy in Swaziland are still ongoing and stronger than before. Children are involved. 80 primary and high schools shut down. King Mswati isn't sparing anyone. Please amplify the cries of our brothers and sisters. This is why Malema said SADC and AU is useless, we need an AU/SADC army to fight mswati but he knows he's free to kill his own people as much as he likes. We suggest Africa should have it's soldiers to deal with something like dis, where by they can able to arrest people of high profile. Eg: Presidents or kings. This is unacceptable, those police and soldiers must account.

What do the people of Eswatini want?

They want a people's government that will respect:

1. Right to life, education and health.

2. Freedom of expression and opinion.

3. Freedom of association.

4. Human dignity and equality.

5. Citizens.

We are in a democracy is South Africa and we are poor, no land, no jobs, no free speech, it's all fake, democracy is a scam. white devils just wanted to put on a facade on colonization. Victory is certain, continue to mobilize the masses to enhance the fight for their freedom.

Eswatini people must fight fire with fire, go after those police officers take their gun. Sadc envoys can not help people off Eswatini. No one is coming to save you. Eswatini people you need to fight for yourself. We feel your pain we see your tears. We curse Mswati, we curse the water he drinks, the food he eats and the ground he walks on, we curse his off spring, we curse all his belongings, we call on death and fire to follow Mswati.

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