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Opinion - Life under Zuma was unbearable

It is so funny to see how the media is succeeding in convincing the people to believe that life under Zuma was unbearable. The current administration is doing everything to undo the ills of 9 wasted years. Whereas it is actually the opposite.

They are calling the Zuma administration wasted because they couldn't privatise the SOE’s. Strangely things have gotten worse under Cyril Ramaphosa’s administration. Yet the media keeps going around and pointing fingers at Zuma. I feel sorry for those that cannot see through media biased narratives in this county.🧏🏾‍♂️💭

Former President Zuma was also not perfect. He is a human being like many politicians with errors too, but the so called 9 wasted years. I call it 9 marvellous and superb years of the best government leadership and service.🧠

Remember this.Jacob Zuma started by dividing education department into 2... Basic education then Higher education for better management

Jacob Zuma introduced Small business Ministry

Jacob Zuma introduced Rural development Ministry

Jacob Zuma introduced NDP

Jacob Zuma introduced Women and Children Ministry

Jacob Zuma incorporated People living with Disabilities into a Ministry

Jacob Zuma built Malls in townships

Jacob Zuma introduced HIV Test and Treat Policy

Jacob Zuma turned NSFAS into bursary

Jacob Zuma recommended BRICS Bank

Jacob Zuma merged South Africa to Brazil, Russia, India and China economy BRICS

Jacob Zuma fastened gender representativity in South African Parliament.

These are reasons why they hate Jacob Zuma.

In addition Can you imagine if ANC staff had not been paid for 2 months under Zuma how the media would react? There is hardly any media noise about this issue but they are all running to have access to Zuma's tax records. They are mum over CR17 bank statements and all over about De Klerk being a good man who apologised for apartheid while on his zimmerframe death-bed. Africans must wake up!

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