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Ramaphosa Reveals the Two Big Threats In The ANC

Date: 23/01/22



Over the last few months, there has been no rest for the African National Congress. Ever since the local government elections, where they lost the majority vote in the nation, it is obvious that the party was under threat.

Now it seems a big fight has emerged withing itself as people like Lindiwe Sisulu have torn the whole country in half with her latest opinion piece and the ANC has been suffering because if it. During a speech that was being delivered on Sunday, Ramaphosa revealed what might be the biggest threats to the ANC right now.


On Sunday, Ramaphosa spoke during the National Executive Committee meeting that was held. He explained how the ANC was in danger at the current moment. He said it was fighting amongst each itself and now division and factions have become the biggest threats.

What we know is that there has always been the existance of factions in the ANC but they weren't really a threat to the party. The RET forces were competing with the CR17 faction in a healthy manner. Now these factions have separated the whole ANC and people are picking sides. This issue continues as people who are not even part of factional battles have been decided.


The country is now watching the African National Congress self district. It was not supposed to occur at all but since it's already here, the president must intervene. At this point the issue of division and factions must be dealth with or the whole party will suffer as it gets divided in the middle. The ANC is under fire and what is crazy to see is that it's from its own people.

What is your take on the matter? What can the ANC do to end all this?

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