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Zimbabweans Have Started Again, See What They Were Seen Doing In Johannesburg This Morning

Prior to the historical inflation that ruined the Zimbabwean economy and transformed it into what it is today, the nation was rich and its residents could live happy, healthy lives. We all know that Zimbabweans are diligent workers; otherwise, they wouldn't be required to perform odd jobs in South Africa for lower pay, jobs that the majority of South Africans can't even imagine performing.

But because of the abrupt crippling of South Africa's economy brought on by the quick influx of Zimbabweans, the issue of illegal immigration must be resolved. It is a huge comfort that the majority of people in Zimbabwe agree and are working really hard to ensure that people return home and register to vote in the next elections.

Check out the shocking events that occurred this morning at Johannesburg Park in South Africa;

No one dislikes anyone, but a rational person won't do nothing while their house is burned down and their children are mistreated. I believe the South African government should support this cause by providing all willing Zimbabweans with free flights and transportation back to their home nation.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that many of them lament the corruption in their nation, they are unwilling to cast another ballot because of how comfortable South Africa has become, disregarding the inconvenience they cause us South Africans.

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