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Scary pics of Zim's Vice President ex-wife appearing in court are here, look at them

Hate her or love her, Mary Chiwenga seems to be in real trouble and needs our sympathy if we are to take into consideration the humanitarian side of things.

She has been in and out of court for months now and at times she would attend court in a hospital bed with a drip installed on her!

This is a former model who once donned the Miss Zimbabwe crown. She was married to an overseas based footballer who played for the Zimbabwe national team, Shingi Kawondera.

Some at one time thought she was on the verge of becoming the presidents wife but now tables have turned dramatically.

She is now viewed by the judiciary in Zimbabwe as a dangerous criminal who is cable of doing anything.

Mary is being denied access to overseas medical care as she is being described by the government as a flight risk.

At the same time, her bank accounts have been frozen and she cannot get access to basic medical care.

Part of her hands are said to be rotting and the images if we share them may give you nightmares.

Should we blame her for going to bed with a man who is without a heart? These are the results of dining with those who have run down the economy.

Back in the day, she was given access to overseas medical care which her ex husband is still privileged to getting.

Mary is being denied the right to see her children she has with the former army general. According to her, she claims she has gone for almost a year without seeing her beloved kids.

Constantino Chiwenga alleges that Mary Chiwenga abuses drugs and is no good to be near the children.

Nowadays she's making countless court appearances of charges which include, externalising money out of Zimbabwe, conspiring to kill her ex husband and assaulting a domestic helper.

Many now feel sorry for her as she cannot get treated anywhere and what is now left is for her to ask for donations.

Even the pictures of her on their own tell you all is not well with the former beauty princess and she is in need of urgent medical care.

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