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The 2 Suspects Who Are Accused Of Assassinating ANC Top Official Abandone Their Bail

The two men accused of killing Mayor Moses Maluleke abandoned their bail applications today, it seems like the suspects knew that there was no way that they could succeed in this endeavour to try to prove themselves to be right because they are guilty of actual matter.

The suspects are alleged to be assassin who have assassinateda mayor while he was standing outside his home, these individuals are believed to be working with other people to execute the mayor for reasons that are political in nature.

This is what has made a lot of people think that perhaps there are others who have to be arrested, we know that these individuals are not capable of planning and executing such an elaborate plan.

To assassinate a top official of the African National Congress, they're definitely other individuals who are behind them or otherwise they could have done this out of hate and we definitely understand if this is something that they did.

It is very concerning that these individuals are being treated so nicely by being put in handcuffs and allowed to do things that other people would otherwise not be allowed to do, and this is definitely a very concerning thing that a lot of people have concerning the crimes that have been committed in South Africa.

The mayor was assassinated right outside his home and the family was left traumatised about the incident as the mayor was a very hard-working man who always dedicating his time to politics, and politics also claimed life is something that is almost a slap in the face of the family that.

Perhaps they could watch him work for a couple of years but at the end of the day they're going to get to enjoy him as a man who is free of politics, and is able to really be with his family members like clearly that is not the case in this incident and we are left with a very depressing case.

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African National Congress Assassinating Moses Maluleke


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