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Herman Mashaba’s Action SA is a breakout story of election, the count continues

Source: DailyMaverick

In early counts, Herman Ma Shaba's Action SA benefited as a new proposal to voters in the towns and suburbs of Johannesburg. 

Campaign Manager Michael Beaumont told Daily Maverick that the party is predicting a 20% victory in Johannesburg and will be a Kingmaker in a potentially vacant council.

Early counts showed that the party was profitable not only in the suburbs, but also in Soweto and Zandspruit near Maldersdrift. At the time of writing this article, we received 35% of the votes counted. At the time of writing, Beaumont said he had also acquired the Orlando, Protea and Stanger districts north of Durban. 

At a webinar last week, Mashaba told the Daily Maverick audience that he was traditionally finding support in ANC's hometown of Soweto.

The 1.4 million inhabited district has ignited ANC due to power and housing breakdowns, very high unemployment and rising poverty. In the last election, the demographic dividend in Soweto regained the success of the ballot box by the ruling ANC. 

But in 2021, this was not the case, and the dual effects of the failure of the microstate and the economic collapse from Covid 19 harmed ANC. There are early predictions that support for the city has plummeted and support for the ruling party could drop from 44.5% in 2016 to 40%. 

ANC governs the city in a nationally unified local government with minor parties. Mashaba has already announced that it will not form a coalition with ANC. 

Mashaba broke up with the prosecutor when he resigned as mayor of Johannesburg in 2019. This was two days before former party leader Mmusi Maimane also jumped on board in October this year.

The party strengthened White's foundation after the outflow of support for Freedom Front Plus after the national elections. As a result, their position as all parties suffered as the black leaders left. 

As the election shows, Action SA has stepped into a breach. The party competed only in KwaZulu Natal and Houten. According to Beaumont, early projections showed that all sectors of South Africa (suburbs, towns and rural areas) were favored. 

Beaumont stated that the "Let's Fix South Africa" ​​message worked with Action SA. "What we totally found was that people were fed up with negativity." 

Mashaba is the most famous of the small parties, a phenomenon that is likely to decide this election. One of the leaders. Mashaba has created a successful brand of the same name, Black Like Me. He campaigned for two important messages that attracted a diverse audience. 

His national message is to get rid of the ANC he calls the "cancer" party and book jobs for South Africans, but foreign residents monopolize the city's labor markets and the town's economy. It is widely believed to be.

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