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Maepa says " We have Listened to the audio, R48B Corruption, Randall is advice to Resign Honorably"

 We have listened to the audio, R48 Billion corruption 

DA Mayor of Tshwane Mr. Randall Williams must just do the honourable thing and resign. Audio is explicitly damaging. Mayor CAN'T be part of supply chain process, It's a big DA coalition mess of corruption. 

Go and open the case sir. You're just farting, farting. Saps central police at Pretorious Street. ANC in tshwane started tapping phones and bugging offices, 

Later use those to blackmail opponents and such fancies themselves leadership extraordinaire. To record someone, you must have Section 205, which is signed by a magistrate companies with a case number. This is nothing new thy will bring in the organization, let's stick to WHT we know Cyril for second term. Da is currently destroying everything, but you guys just sit watching. Ekurhuleni and Joburg are at mess because of that DA. This tells me that you're doing nothing to eradicate this DA. Where is the Audio leadership?

Please post here or share link. Then post the audio, so we can listen we not sangomas here. You are only concerned about having access to the municipal finances. It has nothing to do with the delivering of services to the people. Even Oscar Mabuyane of ANC said, "give it (tender) to my boys”, and he is still the Premier. So relax please, Cyril is protecting Oscar, not us the majority in ANC. We wanted him to account, but the big nose used his resources to protect him at all cost but opted to chase his comrades out of the ANC. Comrades of Congolese must lead the way

Opposition parties will follow suit. Reading the comments here, I've come to realize that people don't actually hate corruption. Instead of being mad that the mayor could possibly be corrupt, they are mad with the person who shared. Talk about double standards. Is the corruption of Tshwane over its budget?Cde Kgoši Maepa stop tarnishing you are intellectual capacity of being professional, don't allow ostrich of politics to outsmart your intelligence wisdom. If really there is corruption, this mayor must be accountable later resign after. But akere Kgosi your party is the same on corruption. But I'm glad the bloody DA is exposed. If he does, he is at least honourable. We cannot say the same for the ANC. You have been reduced to hunting down corruption by others, while you enabled it while you were in power.


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