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SA might ‘return to tougher lockdown restrictions by next week’ – report

It is suspected that the government is contemplating putting back tighter lockout controls for South Africa within the next few days, as President Cyril Ramaposa prepares to appear on a television broadcast later this week. The gradual increase in national cases and the global appearance of a second wave coronavirus are also triggering Cabinet headaches.

Tougher lockout constraints can shortly be returning to SA

Minister Jackson Mthembu of the Presidency last week announced that a national address was 'imminent.' He voiced anger at the perceived 'COVID complacency' that had extended to the general public, bemoaning pervasive failure to wear masks and social distance. These new innovations may now push the ANC to make some tough decisions.Three officials informed Bloomberg that the reintroduction of 'stricter curbs' is now on the agenda.

The National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) is meeting this week, ahead of Ramaposa 's address to the country.

The Cabinet would then consider feedback from a variety of specialists – the conference scheduled to take place on Friday 13 November.

Before the beginning of next week, some of the lockout rules that were lifted after Level 1 could be re-implemented by the government.Why will the old lockout controls make a comeback?

After September, South Africa has been subject to Level 1 locking constraints. With much of the restrictions eased at this Warning Point, residents were able to return to work and restart their social activities. Although the cases of COVID-19 have not yet 'spiked,' the data show that they are rising up – and the Eastern Cape is still failing.

Transmission rates have risen in the province, with more than 630 infections per 100 000 citizens – the highest incidence anywhere in Mzansi. Ramaphosa responded rapidly back in March, when the pandemic was in its infancy, and placed the nation in a lockout until a single virus death was confirmed.

Ramaposa is likely to adopt the shape

The policy of the President has always been to move early. Some aspects of South Africa's 'hard lockdown' have been slammed, after non-essential goods have been withdrawn from shops, and the government has released a selection of 'allowed clothes' that shoppers could purchase during Level 4. However, both Donald Trump and the WHO – barely anyone in bed – lauded SA 's response.

Previously, the Presidency denied the discussion of a 'hard lockdown' coming back some time soon. But it doesn't mean that we're excluded from a few tentative backward measures. Indeed, South Africans are hoping that this Friday, the 13th, there won't be so many scares.

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