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“When ANC Starts Moving, It Is Unstoppable” — Tito Mboweni Warns Ahead Of The Election

Mr Tito Mboweni, the former minister of finance, has said that the ANC is Unstoppable and when they start moving, nobody can stop them. He said this on Twitter as a means to tell distractors that the ANC is the future. He wrote, “When the ANC starts moving, it’s unstoppable! Phambili ANC. Ward 73. Johannesburg. John Nkadimeng Branch. We are winning this ward. Viva Democracy! The People Shall Govern”. Many people are now attacking the ex-finance minister on Twitter, saying that the ANC is already dead in South Africa because they failed the people. A South African youth told Mr Tito Mboweni to stop coercing people to vote to the ANC. Another person said, “But honourable one, I heard earlier that there was an insurrection there at Luthuli House… People l had to be evacuated. They'll govern with empty promise and high level of unemployment rate, they shall govern by popular demand as a voting tool”.

An angry South African youth asked Mr Tito Mboweni why they should continue to vote the ANC when he knows that the ANC is not working for the good of South Africans. He said, “1. Phoenix. 2. Load shedding 3. Unemployment 4. Marikana 5. Looting and corruption 6. Gqeberha, should I go on?”. Another youth asked why they should continue to vote for the ANC when he knows that the ANC is giving South Africans fake promises, “Look at your asylum seekers one day our children will have no place to call it because of ANC. Please control our borders and also limit the numbers of asylum seekers or at least asylum seekers should be placed in one area where there will be a close monitoring by soldiers”. The strain between the ANC and some voters is ever widening. Many people said that they are ready to try other options if the ANC continues to treat them like second hand citizens in their country. They said they are not ready to take it again.

It appears that many South Africans are not pleased with the ANC again. This is what another youth posted, “Face it Tito, the years of stealing, nepotism,corrupted deals, tenderprenures, failure to deliver on at least 50% of what was promised is coming back to bite your party in the Ares…only the stupid, the gullible those that are the table are willing to vote for you now”. 

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