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Year 2021 will be the worst year ever in the history of South Africa (Opinion)

Coronavirus has made the country to be in it worst form this year, as we end this year with high numbers of infections this means that next year we must expect the unexpected too. From the 27 December the country has reached the mark of 1 million coronavirus infection. This is not good news for the economy of the country since it is struggling to regain strength. Since the republic of South Africa was formed in 1910 , 2020 was one of the difficult years in all aspect of life. In 1918 to 1919 the country experienced what scientist term as also the difficult year, Spanish Influenza killed almost 300 000 people country wide. But Spanish Influenza is nothing to Covid-19, this pandemic has multiplied this number three times and it is still growing even now. In few days we will saying happy new year while drunk to those who drinks alcohol. One thing we will be forgetting is that challenges we faced in 2020 some will be still with us in 2020. Let me just remind you what are those challenges so that you will recall it when they comeback to haunt us again.

Hard Lockdown

The President of the country was almost crying yesterday when he was addressing the nation, i see many people are making funny of his tears. The President foresees so many things that ordinary people don't foresee. He has brain-trust advisers that assist him in taking various decisions and he is also surrounded by people who predict what will happen in future especially in the economy of the country which is the cornerstone of South Africa. But people they are just failing to do simple things like to wear mask, keep physical distancing of two meters, and sanitize every twenty minutes. Right now the country is in the second Wave of Coronavirus but stubborn people are still underestimating this deadly diseases. By doing this you leave the government with no choice but to take the country back to hard lockdown which crippled the economy of the country. Our mentality towards observance of Covid-19 is what will determine about what decision the government should take on the 15 January 2021.


Even before the hard lockdown early this year the economy of the country was not doing well because of maladministration in government led by former president Jacob Zuma. Two rating agencies downgraded South Africa to junk status as the result of corruption and state capture which prominent ANC members were involve and some big businesses including those run by the Gupta brothers. Just before 15 December the treasury announced that on the third-term the country's economy did a bit well which was good news since had predicted more shrinking. This means that if South Africans can join hands and fight Coronavirus together with the government maybe by next year June the economy of the country will growing for better. IF we suffocate our economy it means the country will unable to deliver any basic services to its her people. The very same sturbborn people will be pointing fingers to Ramaphosa and his cabinet forgetting that they themselves have literally contributed to shrinking of the economy by failing to observe Covid-19 regulations.


Unemployment is the major problem for any country in the world now, i am talking about super-countries like USA, UK, France, Spain, Italy, China etc. So since South Africa is counted amongst the developing countries how do we expect the country to fight unemploymet easily while super-rich countries are still struggling to contain it. The impact of Covid-19 will felt for so many years especially when we talk about unemployment. In South Africa alone the statistics says 2.2 million people are without jobs now, not counting those people who lost their jobs after the statistics was released because everyday 3 to 10 are losing their jobs after the hard lockdown.


Another challenge we must expect in 2021 is the arrival of the vaccine in South Africa, many people have shown dissatifaction about it because the government has not explain proper about it. There are so many theories surrounding the vaccine, some they believe that it is here to corrupt the DNA of human kind for whatever reasons, some believe that this vaccine is the introduction of 666. So the government has a bigrole to explain so that people can inject it. On the other had the vaccine that is expected to arrive in South Africa will only be equivalent for 10% of the population which is a small amount of people. Which criteria will the government make in order to obtain the first 10% of South African population.


According to World Health Organization (WHO) this pandemic will in the world for some times as long as vaccine is not equivalent for the population of the world we must accept that it is still with us. So whatever we do we must do it in precaution of protecting ourselves and our loved ones from this deadly diseases. Its time that in 2021 we accept and do whatever the government ask us to do regarding this diseases. We have seen so many people losing their lives in the first wave and we are still seeing many people dying even in this Second Wave.

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