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SA Angry after the DA does something petty and illegal. Here's what they had to say.

Now that it's voting time again the competition between parties are getting a bit vicious. That's means some of them will be pulling some cheap moves against other parties. It seems the DA (Democratic Alliance) is the first to do it and I have all the details of what they did down below. Here's the event that took place and what South Africans thought of it.

Petty Moves by the DA leads to an angry response :

Now that parties are campaigning again, you see a lot of poster on poles and walls. These posters are meant to encourage people to vote for certain parties and every party has the right to do it. However the DA didn't respect that right when they plastered their own poster over one of Action SA. Completely defacing the other parties poster which is both petty and illegal. Below is a picture of what they did.

While it may be surprising, they could have put their poster anywhere, however they chose to completely sabotage another party while doing. Sadly this has now become a a reflection of their ethics and the way they act towards competition. It has also left South Africans angry. Here's what they had to say.

Some South Africans see this as the DA getting desperate to win. While I'm not sure how the numbers look like now, I can confirm that this does look like an act of desperation.

Some are likening the DA to the EFF and claiming that the DA is trying to Sabotage Action SA because their scared.

A few people want to take initiative and go out and fix the posters themselves. It's nice to see that South Africans won't stand for petty and childish actions like this.

When it comes down to it, doing this was highly unethical and it gives off an impression that I'm sure the DA doesn't want to give off. Hopefully they make this right as it's a bad reflection on their party. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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