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OPINION| It will never be fair to blame Andrè de Ruyter for Eskom's blackouts

Why must we blame Andrè de Ruyter for the load shedding rather blame our democracy instead too many political parties are the main problem as some have different ideas and strategies, there is the one I know sabotaging and the unions which will never stop demanding, cable theft and illegal connections and then after we sort those out then we can blame Andre de Ruyter for poor maintenance or management, loadshedding started in 2000 little to no maintenance done in at least 10 years plus no proper development of new systems it took time to decay the system, it’s taking time to rebuild it without blaming AndrèI would hate to be in his shoes trying to fix what the ANC did and destroyed it does not start with Eskom it starts with the corruption in the municipalities Eskom has been deliberately sabotaged for many years, he will be the fall guy for the ANC's incompetence striking workers want a 15% increase and yet Soweto and other municipalities owes them billions in unpaid debt. Its easier for the ANC to blame this guy as part of election campaigning than a black guy, are we seriously looking for someone to blame I choose to look for corrective action, if it takes stage 6 so be it, if it takes exploring alternatives, so be it as long as the solution will be permanent AND will benefit not only a minority

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