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Opinion - ANC will have to lose state power if it is to truly self-correct

I think the ANC will have to lose state power if it is to truly self-correct. There was a time when ANC members would close ranks to defend one of their own, and in defence of the movement. Today we sling mud against fellow comrades just to advance the interests of a particular grouping within the movement. We don't care about dragging the whole organisation into the mud because we have personalised political positions. It's a battle for personal survival and like the biblical Samson against the Philistines, we are prepared to even die with everyone in the ANC tent. How did we find ourselves in this terrible state of affairs in our organisation? We hardly discuss issues based on principles, but everything has to be about who supports who. We celebrate when one of our own is in trouble, because that signals victory for the opposite faction. It's a very sorry state of affairs, of a movement that is rudderless. That's why I think that the only chance the ANC can redeem itself is if it loses state power. In this way, it will be able to cleanse itself of anti-revolutionary elements that have infiltrated it as well as known revolutionaries who have turned enemies of the revolution because of "thirty pieces of silver". It's a desperate call, but rightly so, for the movement is under siege. Attaining state power is one critical achievement for any revolution because it is a potent instrument for conducting the revolution. But, at the moment the movement is heavily infested and has been hijacked by the parasitic and predatory elites. These are enemies from within, some who used to be revolutionaries. Concepts such as RET that ordinarily should be in the DNA of a revolutionary movement are being used as tools to divide. The enemy has outmanoeuvred us, turned the revolution against itself. Let's rather abandon state power as a strategic retreat, retire our old combatants then regroup, re-energize and recapture the state with a renewed purpose and commitment.

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