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Minister in trouble: Complaint about Blade Nzimande filed with the UN

Advanced education Minister Blade Nzimande has again copped heat from the resistance seats – yet things have heightened fundamentally this week after an objection about the ANC robust was enlisted with the UN

Who has announced Blade Nzimande to the UN? 

Nzimande was accounted for to the United Nations by one of his contrary numbers in the DA. Leon Schreiber, the party's voting public head in Stellenbosch, has for quite some time been battling the priest over his order of the Afrikaans language. 

Nonetheless, Schreiber is likewise vexed that Blade Nzimande is additionally treating with chilling disdain to Khoi, San, and Nama dialects – which all structure a piece of South Africa's rich social legacy. 

The DA has requested that the ANC delegate recognize these tongues as 'full, native dialects of SA' – yet there's been opposition from the Higher Education Minister. 

DA objection going 'right to the top' 

Feeling exasperated with the entire act, Schreiber and his associates chose to take things to another level – and held up their complaints with UNESCO, a part of the UN that handles matters of instructive and social importance. 

"The DA has held up a grievance with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) against the South African government and the Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande." 

"Our point with this mediation is for the United Nations (UN) to drive Minister Nzimande and the public authority to perceive Afrikaans just as the Khoi, San, and Nama dialects as undeniable native South African dialects in the new Language Policy Framework for Higher Education Institutions." 

Leon Schreiber 

Cutting edge Nzimande blamed for 'break common liberties laws' 

Should the protest against Blade Nzimande be maintained, he would be found infringing upon the UN's sanction on Human Rights. Such an assertion would be annihilating for the public authority, which stays under the gun to rename these dialects. As indicated by Schreiber, Nzimande's situation on the matter is a 'derisive' one. 

"The SA government should react inside 90 days to the DA's protest that Minister Nzimande's grouping of these dialects as 'unfamiliar' disregards Articles 26 and 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." 

"The contemptuous arrangement of Afrikaans just as Khoi, San, and Nama dialects as 'unfamiliar' abuses these qualities. We trust that the global-local area will assist us with compelling the public authority to perceive Afrikaans just as Khoi, San, and Nama dialects as completely fledged native dialects in South Africa." 

Minister in trouble: Complaint about Blade Nzimande filed with the UN (

Leon Schreiber

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