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Have all foreigners suddenly decided to leave South Africa?

The last few days have seen the deportation of some illegal immigrants from South Africa. Ninety five immigrants who are reportedly from Basotho were deported back to their home country on Thursday morning. Just a few days latter, Lesotho nationals in South Africa were seen undertaking dangerous border crossings to get back to their country. According to the foreigners, they have found it extremely hard to leave the country due to the directive of President Cyril Ramaphosa that all boarders remain closed during level four lockdown. The Lesotho nationals have also complained that they have started making their way back home due to lack of jobs, food, and medications in South Africa since the lockdown began. The immigrants were sighted being ferried across the Tele river to Lesotho, while many others are were being transported in trucks to the Wepener boarder where they can make their ways back home. This situation raises a question as to whether other foreign nationals in South Africa will follow this line of action and find their way back to their homeland in no distant time.

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