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Musi Maimane Makes Fun of the ANC After Posting This Picture

The former leader of the Democratic Alliance party is a huge member of the social media family, and likes to post about stuff on one of the famous social media networking apps known as twitter. He likes to also poke fun at some of the opposition parties and their leaders in a bid remain relevant in the political space.

With the local government elections done and dusted, the country is finally going back to somewhat normality, and some the coalition talks are over, whilst some are still ongoing. The ruling party which is the ANC is still on top and has won back some the metros they were in charge of but has also lost some of the metros they were in charge of.

They won by a majority but not in the they used to win, with having to form coalitions with the DA, EFF and other small police parties. Because they are back in power and have a history of not delivering on their promises and also being involved in shady political dealings that lead to corruption and theft of government resources, Musi Maimane saw an opportunity just to poke some fun towards them.

He posted this picture of I blew it, meaning that they got funds and they just misused them and blew the funds on useless stuff. In the caption you can see that it is written season 2 meaning that they are now back for round 2, as they have already blown the funds back in season one. This ruffled some feathers as some people did not take kindly to this but some just went with it and had while they were at it.


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