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OPINION:What people could expect when president Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the nation tonight.

Our Country is facing a difficult situation however now everything is coming together and the numbers according to me are no longer increasing rapidly. That shows that people are complying with rules and regulations, so i think tonight at 20:00 when president Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa addresses the nation he could return us back to lockdown level 1, cause now people o longer do as they please.

And curfew could also be changed to better hours or could be removed total cause I think every could go back to normal but people will continue to wear masks and do social distancing cause the virus is still with us. And again could tell us about vaccine that has arrived in our country and there's more to come, no one will be focused to take vaccination as some have doubt, so i think many thinks will be opened even tarvens could be able to close whenever they won't no more curfew I guess that is what president Ramaphosa could address.

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