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Road Accident

Meet The Wife And Children of Joburg Mayor Jodilee Matongo who Died In Car Accident / Opinion

Mayor-elect Jodilee Matongo was tragically died on Monday in a car accident. The campaign visit in Soweto, where he'd worked with Cyril Ramaphosa, had just ended, and he was fresh out of his travels. Motongo's election as mayor did not go over well with the residents. Because Matongo's father is Zimbabwean, he's a naturalized citizen of the United States. Although his mother is from Zimbabwe and he was born in South Africa, some people still refer to him as Zimbabwean.

This information has been made public about Jodilee's family.

On the basis of his social media posts, Matongo appeared to be a family-oriented man.

He usually went on vacation with his wife and children.

He also appreciated the time he got to spend with his sibling.

We are devastated by the sudden death of Jodille Matongo.

Visit the memorial page to see images of his late wife and children.

Many doubts remain about the collision that resulted in Jodilee Matongo's death. They were in the backseat with his two bodyguard when the vehicle swerved to avoid colliding with a pedestrian, sources say. Apparently, his bodyguards are in a life-or-death situation in the hospital. It's mind-boggling that he perished at all, given that he was riding shotgun.

Given how few people wanted him as mayor to begin with, there's a fair possibility that something sinister is afoot.

Many people believe that if he hadn't ran for mayor, we wouldn't be hearing as much about him now.

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