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The Opposition Political Party Was Violently Attacked by Hired Thugs

Violence crocked Charumbira area as President Nelson Chamisa’s convoy was violently attacked by hired thugs. Members of the team were badly injured and ferried to hospital. Burning logs were used to beat up the delegation and block the road to Charumbira Village ~ MDC

We know them by their deeds, since Gukurahundi in 1983, heir works follow them this is a sad reality. But one day the tables will turn and they will taste their medicine, They continue to trigger anger within the MDC supporters, the time will come when they shall be left by the option, which is to retaliate only. People get paid money or given sugar by top leaders to do these things, Ionce saw it with my own eyes in Mutoko, Nyamatawa village were a top leader was paying youth to patrol villages at night, so that people must not put opposition posters and any car that pass there

If this is the situation now then 2023 will be bloody. Zanu Pf is desperate and ready to unleash violence, Zimbabweans prepare to defend your land and dignity this needs to be stopped. Below is the video footage of the violent, ZANU PF-sponsored attacks on President Nelson hamisa’s delegation in Charumbira area. Cars were seen ferrying the rented crowd and co-ordinating the attacks as violent thugs held up printed posters have no right to block anyone from traversing the length and breadth of Zimbabwe, I think its to meet fire with fire. This is a good thing. Atleast the MDC can now have a clear picture of what 2023 will be like, and this will help them prepare for what is coming, 2023 will be worse and its time to come up with tactics to counter this. This is really embarrassing, it shows desperation on the part of ZANU-PF. Zimbabwe need God I think because wow

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