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ANC should do something about Zimbabweans fast see what they have done to this South African

Every time when people of South Africa raise their voice against foreigners they are quickly regarded as xenophobic. However have we stopped and wondered why they want foreigners to go especially Zimbabwean's for every story has two sides. 

Don't get me wrong not all Zimbabwean's who are in the country are causing trouble. However most men from Zimbabwe have been terrorising locals and they no longer feel safe in their own country. Take for instance the Limpopo river one can not pass through there freely as it is flooded with Zimbabwen thugs. Many have lost their cars along that route only to be discovered on the way to Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans illegally as well.

Unfortunately for us we just have to suffer in silent for if we raise our voice we are called xenophobic. Some people have taken to twitter to expose and warn others about the method being used by Zimbabweans to hijack cars. They throw a spike in the middle of the road and when you come out to check they take your car's. Even if you lodge a complaint at the police it will all be in vain because most of these thugs are in the country illegally. Hence as a result the police are not able to travel them.

The ruling government the ANC should wake up from their slumber and do something about this illegal foreigners. The same goes for EFF they should stop trying to look as saviours in the eyes of Africa and starting considering their own. Don't forget to like, share, comment and follow.

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