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ANC Workers In Shock As They Discover This Shocking News About The ANC | See Why



It has now been in two months since the African National Congress has been taking their employees for granted and is very unethical for the African National Congress to be treating employees unfairly. This is because the ANC staff members haven't been receiving their salaries for quite some time and this is a very stressful moment for them.

It has now been more than two months old since the ANC staff members haven't been considered by been paid their salaries, so they can feed their families. This is disrespectful of the ANC as they only care about themselves and not the well-being of employees.

The African National Congress workers are now in shock when they discover this shocking decision made by the ruling party. This is because the ruling party was expected to amend with their employees about the kind of situation they have been subjected to.

This is because the ruling has announced that they have released more than R60 million to assist in the upcoming elections. This was bad news to the employees as they weren't expecting to receive such a bombshell. This is because more than one million employees were expected to be getting their salaries.

This comes after they withdraw themselves from assisting the party in the next upcoming election to be held on the 1st of November. This was the only way to put pressure on their employers and it seems like their effort didn't gain any fruits towards this.

This is because employers may listen to the concerns of their employees and this was an unexpected twist from them. This can then mean that the ANC is taking all the gambles in respect of employees' salaries to compensate for their campaigns.

What is your intake on this and what do you think about the ANC's current decisions made in regards to the R60 million?

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