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OPINION| How Can Mthuli Ncube Use US$200.000 in a Hotel While Zimbabwe Has Economic Problems?

Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube is paying doctors US$150 yet he blew US$200,000 of people's money staying in a hotel according to the Zimbabwe Independent. This is how cruel Mnangagwa’s regime is in the face of all this suffering created by its looting of public funds and plunder of natural resources, Zimbabwe’s biggest hospital only had one working maternity theatre built in 1977.They blame sanctions yet they do these cruel things, yet you have someone without water saying EDPfee. his is happening when 7,9 million Zimbabweans are living in poverty

To all those saying elections wont work, its better to try than just sit and accept defeat. In Zambia they did it so we can. I would rather spend the whole election day ndirimu queue than spend 5 more years of poverty and rtgs

Every civil servant; doctors, nurses, teachers, student doctors, student nurses and student teachers register to vote and encourage your family to register to vote and actually go and vote on the day. ITS TIME TO CHANGE THE PAYMASTER. This government has clearly shown they will never prioritize civil servant salaries. How long will you cry, how long will you strike and get fired? How long will they tell you they don't have money for your salaries yet they have money to pay for someone's hotel stay? If you are a pensioner or you plan to retire in the next 5 years, rather take a day to do voter awareness to others around you otherwise you will get peanuts as pension


No to peer pressure. The Zanu pple who go around using peer pressure, taunts and intimidation to dissuade change are the very same people who are busy laughing at how much you guys are earn, time to change the paymaster. Negotiate with new people wake up Zimbabwe

This is why they can't let go of those so-called powers they have over civilians. He will need to keep on looting not for himself but for the next generation before he vacates office, because noone asks questions, mafia mentality

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