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It's Going To Be The End of Foreigners If This Political Party Wins The Elections, Here is Why

Date: 16/10/20



Many South Africans have been having problems with foreign nationals 4 years. Their main problem was not that they do not want any foreign nationals in South Africa but it was the fact that there are no solid laws that are preventing illegal foreigners from getting away with different type of crimes in South Africa.

Many political parties are always ignoring this issue of dealing with foreign nationals in the country as it might bring a lot of unwanted attention. A political party has finally come out and targeted this matter of foreign nationals directly and it has a lot of foreign nationals triggered.


ActionSA, a political party that was created by business man Herman Mashaba has come out with mandates that they will start applying in the country if they are to win the upcoming government elections. They have listed 4 rules that will govern the country and they seem to directly affect Foreigners.

Below is a tweet from ActionSA dating these rules.

"As @Action4SA we commit, given a mandate to govern Municipalities we are contesting to pass By-law to:

1. You have to have SA ID to operate any business

2. Must be registered with SARS

3. Must employ South Africans

4. Will have specialized unit within Metro Police to execute"

Many people were triggered by these rules as it is clear that it is dealing decisively with foreigners who are benefiting from the country's economy without ever contributing to it. Many people had different things to say about these rules as they feel they discriminate against our African brothers and sisters.


With about 15 million foreigners in South Africa, it is about time that rules were made to govern all the foreigners in the country. The best way to do this is to prioritise these rules and make them the forefront of a political party.

Action sa is one of the first political parties to make such rules the main mission of the party. All the South Africans do not entirely hate people from other countries they do hate undocumented foreigners started taking advantage of South Africa's economy.

What is your take on the matter at hand?

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