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Here Is Why The ANC Is Poor in 2021

Here Is Why The ANC Is Poor in 2021

Date: 2021/10/08

The African National Congress is considered to be very poor in 2021, they have not hired a stadium for their Manifesto this year and they are claiming it to be the fault of Covid-19, they were also finding it hard to pay the staff for a period of 6 months.

The party has more than 5 Billionaires but the problem is that everyone is for self, they do not care for anyone but themselves, that is the reason they are falling from the sky at the fastest pace possible, if the party cared for the people they would not be this poor, they run tenders these guys, the money goes through them like water.

The African National Congress has to find proper donors from China, as those are the guys with the bag like Julius Malema did when he was hyping their vaccine that is why he has all the billboards in the biggest freeways. They also did some of the biggest manifestos this year, they got Zuma out of prison as well and threatened some of the biggest apartheid advocates in the country and they are still strong and unstoppable.

The party is sleeping on the job, they are supposed to be watching what the EFF is doing and who they are taking money from and learn how to do the same thing if not they will starve and times will stay tough because this is planet earth you need to make connections to succeed in this life thing, for example, look into the Democratic alliance it does or die, that is why they use racism to propel their political campaign and act like they love the people but they actually only care themselves alone and nobody else.

They are also poor simply because they have a lot of corrupt guys in their party, and that is the reason for the slow down that is the ANC currently, they are not even making the posters, they should bring back Ace Magashule and Jacob Zuma because the rich guy has lost interest.


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