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They Removed Hlaudi Saying he is not Educated But Look Who is Crying Today - Opinion

They removed Hlaudi who put their interest first and that of South African artists. They mocked him and said he is not educated and 90% will destroy the public broadcaster today they are crying bo ausi Sophie Mokoena. It will get worse before it gets better (I agenda Yama) capital is very brutal. As Public servants will also have to ensure another 4 years without salary increaments. Whilst workers at SOE's are being retrenched left and right. You said an educated Billionaire will save our country. The uneducated Zuma never privatised nor compromised workers. You forget the interest of capital and workers are irreconcilable.When do we acknowledge a decade of systematic incompetence, corruption, patronage, nepotism and parachuting of beauty technicians into the executive offices as the problem? SABC is a lame shadow of its former self, even advertisers don't rate it highly any more.

This is a summary of what will happen in the whole country if we remain in the hands of mophus, while our true leaders been painted " corrupt " nd send into the wilderness

I was telling a friend on Sunday about this, Hlaudi was dragged out by our own black from sabc saying he was not qualified to lead sabc. But the gentleman was excelling in his time at the sabc and he fought that South African artists be more on TVs n radios, than international artist. The so the so called clevers wrote different petitions and worked with wh*te capitalist to get rid of Hlaudi.

That was the beginning of sabc being captured by capitalist. Today they are trying to be saved by us because they are now aware that they are losing the jobs. To h*ll with them, this is a lesson and it's payback time now

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